We change our trailers over regularly to keep our fleet looking good for our valued customers.
As a result we sell our outgoing ex-hire trailers to the public at discounted prices. They're all
well maintained, have current Queensland registration and will come with a current safety
certificate where required. As trailers become available for sale they will be listed here on this page.

FOR SALE – Horse Float 2 horse straight load (reg. 106UIH)

                  – See details under the horse float page for specs.

                  – 4 near new road tires (spare included)

                  – Registration paid until April 2024

                  Price $8,500 (inc. GST) with RWC provided on sale


FOR SALE – 3.4 Tonne Car Trailer (Reg. 648UHY)

                  – See details under car trailer tab for specs.

                  – 4 very good road tires and brakes recently replaced

                  – Winch and battery under 12 months old

                  – Spare wheel included with good tyre

                  – Rego paid until Sept 2024

                  Price $5,500 (inc. GST) with RWC provided on sale