We change our trailers over regularly to keep our fleet looking good for our valued customers.
As a result we sell our outgoing ex-hire trailers to the public at discounted prices. They're all
well maintained, have current Queensland registration and will come with a current safety
certificate where required. As trailers become available for sale they will be listed here on this page.


FOR SALE	- 8x5 Galvanised Caged Box Trailer (Reg. EB3765)
			- 2400mm long x 1500mm wide bed 
			- 400mm deep box with 1000mm cage (1400mm overall wall height)
			- front and rear drop down tailgate and side hinged cage door
			- GVM 750kg (unbraked) with a Tare of 325kg 	
			- white sunraysia rims with good tyres (inc. spare)
			- jockey wheel
			- 50mm coupling 
			Price $1500.00 (inc. GST)